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Dry ice is an important cooling component capable of cleaning complex industrial systems.

Where does the source material come from?
Liquid carbon dioxide is a by-product of the chemical industry. We use it for the production of cleaning dry ice. Thus, no new carbon dioxide is produced, but already existing carbon dioxide is recycled.

What do we make out of it?
At ice-cold temperatures, we press dry ice pellets, nuggets or blocks of different sizes and weights from liquid carbon dioxide - just as you need it.

How do we use the dry ice?
We supply the dry ice directly to you so you can use it immediately for cooling your goods. We clean your machines manually or we install our automated solution.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and a by-product of the industry. It is produced in a special atmosphere, since the CO2 becomes gaseous even at cold -78 ° C. From the frozen “carbonic acid snow” we press the dry ice into the desired form – as blocks, nuggets or pellets. This is how we produce one of the best cooling and cleaning products.

You can buy the dry ice directly from us. Please contact us by filling out a form or call us.

more about dry ice pellets, nuggets and blocks (in German)


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